American Procurement Services Mission is to establish one of the best international procurement and international development consultancy firms by fulfilling each and every customer’s procurement and consultancy needs to the fullest and enhancing each customer’s success by providing post delivery programs and support activities.

Our Goals

APSCO’s general goal is to become a number one provider of affordable international procurement and development consultancy services to foreign governments and non-governmental organizations throughout the world. These include US Federal Government, US Department of Defense (DOD), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), NGO’s, Academic Institutions, and International Development Projects that are funded through IDA, World Bank, AFDB, ADB, UNDP, etc.

APSCO Strives to Achieve These Specific Goals:

  • Insure our customers’ satisfaction through the provision of high quality services and products.
  • Provide affordable procurement services to foreign governments and non-governmental organization projects, academic institutions, and government agencies irrespective of the types of products, quantity or final destination and to do this at a minimum possible cost to the clients.
  • Provide wide range and different varieties of products that meet the needs of our clients.
  • Provide high quality products at very competitive prices to our clients at all times with the ultimate objective of building long-tem mutually beneficial relationships with these clients.

Management profile

APSCO’s staffing consists of a core of highly trained, experienced, and motivated individuals, several of them with many years of working in procurement and economic development in various parts of the world. Many APSCO staffs have worked with development actors, including USAID, The African Development Bank, International Development Associates, and government institutions, and they have brought to the firm vast experiences and knowledge about the development arena.

Company Profile

American Procurement Services, LLC. company profile: Download (PDF, 218 KB)

Regional Offices and Staff

Headquarters Staff

At American Procurement Services, we simply do our level best in meeting our clients’ needs one at a time, with efficiency, commitment, and creativity. A team of dedicated procurement and management personnel runs American Procurement Services’ Headquarter by giving their best to our clients. We look forward to receiving your Request for Quote and meeting your organization’s procurement needs.

Ms. Gaydour A. Demanwu
Senior Vice President for Administration
American Procurement Services International
Wilmington, Delaware & Maryland Office

Work Experiences: Strong administrative and management background that spans across medical and public administration. Ms. Demanwu has very good practical skills in business management prognosis and skill gaps assessment and analysis. She is a very effective communicator both oral and written. The vast practical management experience and strong leadership skills will be key to APSCO success. She served as head of Critical Care Central Pool Nursing at the George Washington University Hospital, Washington DC. Ms. Demanwu was a Director of Health Services for Fountain’s at the Washington House, Alexandria, Virginia with more then 120 residents. She also served in a capacity as Cardiovascular Head Nurse at a 318 beds INOVA Alexandria Hospital in Northern Virginia.

Education: Ms. Demanwu obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Liberia. She received a Bachelor of Nursing from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. She has several professional studies certifications including Practical Nursing from Alexandria Hospital School of Practical Nursing in Virginia, USA

Ms. Catherine Yata Naigow
Assistant General Manager
United Nations Procurement Services
American Procurement Services International
Wilmington, Delaware

Work Experiences: Ms. Naigow served as Lead Research Officer with African Development Bank (ADB), Ivory Coast. Led key professionals in successful implementation of projects that strengthened ADB Financial institutions capacities. She designed, developed and implement strategic research plans and supported external consultants to carry out empirical analyses for ADB financial institutions while liaising with several governmental authorities including bilateral and multilateral development agencies and sub-borrowers in different African countries.

Ms. Naigow also served for three years as Assistant Finance Manager with Integral Business Support (UK) Ltd. Managed /monitored grants, developed budgets forecasts, analyzed financial performances, performed accounting function including payroll, financial statements, account reconciliation etc.

She also served as Project Coordinator for African-Caribbean Network for Science & Technology (UK) where she was responsible among others for developing strategies to address regional issues underlining the delivering of inclusion of science communications, planning, implementation, and performance improvement in the various regions. For two years Ms. Naigow served in the capacity as Financial Analyst for Bloomberg Financial Market in UK where she was responsible as lead research analyst for equities, fixed income, mortgage and commodities market development in the African market. She developed financial models used to analyze and facilitate due diligence for customer satisfaction, updated trade finance product developments relating risk, fraud, and regulations among others.

Education: MBA, Banking & Finance, University of Wales, Bangor, UK
Postgraduate Certificate in Business Computing – Westminster University, Wales, UK
Certificate of Professional Services: Business and Operational French, University of Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Language Fluency: French and English, Basic: Arabic and German.

Mr. Habte Ogbazion
General Manager
World Bank Development Project Procurement
American Procurement Services International
Wilmington, Delaware

Work Experiences: Mr. Ogbazion served for seven years as international procurement consultant and trainer and provided consulting services to the Eritrean National Chamber of Commerce that provides training for Purchasing and supply chain Management. He served as consultant to the Ministry of Education Project staff on World Bank procurement procedures, facilitated classroom procurement training. He provided consultancy services to the Ministry of Agriculture committee on Procurement mandated to institute uniform procurement practices.

Mr. Ogbazion also served as Chief Procurement Officer for the Ministry of Health for three years and Procurement Officer for another five years with Ministry of Finance, Government of Eritrea where he was responsible for overseeing all World Bank financed projects bidding, contract awarding and execution processes for these two Ministries. He also served as Operation Manager for the British Council of Eritrea where he was responsible for the Dept of International Development procurement processes leading to acquisition of goods and services.

Education: MBA – Sustainable Development; George Mason University, USA
BA – English, University of Haile Selassie, Ethiopia
Certificate of Professional Studies – Contracting with Federal Government
Certificate of Professional Studies – International Procurement & Negotiation

Mr. Ethan Colvert
Acting General Procurement Manager
Foreign Government, US Federal & Dept of Defense Procurement Unit
American Procurement Services International
Delaware & Oregon Offices

Work Experiences: Mr. Colvert has vast and extensive international procurement experiences dealing with various international development agencies such as United Nations, World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) etc.

Mr. Colvert worked for one of the leading International Procurement services firm in United States for near five years in various capacities ranging for Procurement Assistant to International Contracts Coordinator. He also served in a capacity as Export Compliance Officer responsible for obtaining export licenses and government clearances for all Federal Government restricted export products.

Education: Mr. Colvert obtained a bachelor of Business Administration (BA).

Overseas Staff

With growing demand for the type of services that American Procurement Services provides, the current effort concentrates on expanding our operation in North America and Africa. In North America, APSI intends to grow its local procurement operation aggressively throughout 2014. While in Africa, our immediate target covers North, West and Eastern Africa. APSI will establish regional offices in North Africa, West Africa, and East Africa. The specific countries and cities where these offices will be located are still in the planning stages. Cairo (Egypt) and Tripoli (Libya) are being considered for our North Africa Regional Office while Accra (Ghana) and Monrovia (Liberia) are under consideration for West Africa. We planned to open East Africa office either in Nairobi, Kenya or Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. APSI intends to participate in construction of Southern Sudan. However, our East African office will cover Southern Africa. APSI services will extend to all Anglophone Africa, but also putting a plan in place in address business opportunities with Franco-phone Africa.

American Procurement Services has representatives in several countries. We are proud of the quality of our products and services we provide. We had handpicked outstanding and experienced individuals to serve our clients’ procurement needs. Please meet a few of our team members.

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