In 2011, few business oriented women established American Procurement Services International LLC. (APSI), as a women owned US-based procurement firm to provide international procurement services to US Federal and foreign governments, international development organizations, non-governmental organizations, and individuals. APSI is a women owned disadvantaged and minority firm with its headquarters located at the Wilmington, Delaware (USA), as well as continental Africa offices to be located Accra (Ghana), Cairo (Egypt), Nairobi (Kenya) among others. The company is a U.S. Federal Government Certified Minority and women owned small business.

Integrity, ingenuity, initiative, and intelligence are the beacons that symbolize APSI quest to serve its clients. The company is a focused and result-oriented entity, which values personal approach, diligence and professionalism, and place trust at the center of every relationship, and is consistently committed to its customers. With most of its business deriving from referrals and recommendations from existing customers, APSI success depends solely on its clients satisfaction. Its reputation is defined by the very work that it performs and the degree to which it fulfills clients expectations.

American Procurement Services operates on two basic principles, which serve as its guiding lights in meeting customers specific needs: 1) Excellent management that has mastery of choosing quality products and providing outstanding services and 2) a good knowledge of prevailing markets to determine the availability of products and their associated cost.